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The Barranca farm
sits in the Jonic hills along the "Riviera dei Gelsomini", or Jasmine Coast, in the township of Siderno, Reggio Calabria. It lies 100 metres above sea level and spans three different locations: Badessa, Lucis Romano and Zammariti. Its mild climate and geographical position are particularly favourable for growing the best olives, thus producing an organic olive oil of the highest quality.

From the planting, nurturing and caring of the olive tree to the bottling of the "green gold", this olive farm is run with the same passion and care as a family - and this is no coincidence; it is indeed run by a family. Immediately after production, the oil is preserved in special rooms at controlled temperatures in stainless steeel containers which protect it from light and air. It is bottled directly in our company facilities after a brief period necessary for its natural decantation.

Equipped with an irrigation system, the olive grove, which was planted in 1980, is managed professionally in accordance with the highest agricultural standards. The different varieties of olive trees found here are Carolea, Geracese, Nocellara and Frantoio.

Procedures and characteristics organic extra virgin olive oil carolea variety "La Badessa" download depliant

Azienda Agricola Barranca - Contrada Lucis Romano - 89040 - Siderno (RC) - ITALIA
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